The Happy Pet Visit

The Happy Pet Visit

At Cape Horn Pet Clinic we specialize in healthy happy pets and want to make our clinic as stress free and positive as possible. We have a few ways to help:

*Plan a visit to the clinic just for fun.

Stop in with your pet for a little oogling and cookies. If we make this a happy place for them to visit they will be have positive memories and be less anxious for their appointments.

*Bring your pet in hungry.

On the day of your visit, feed only half their morning meal to ensure an appetite. We will offer an array of yummy cookies and treats as well as plenty of praise to build a positive relationship with your pet.Peanut butter can often win over the hearts of even the most timid of dogs.


Pheromones are a naturally secreted chemical factor that triggers a social response in members of the same species; these natural chemicals can calm and reduce anxiety.
We offer an extensive line of Feliway products for single and multi cat households. Stop in for a sample wipe to try for your next appointment. We also have room diffusors and sprays to help alleviate the anxiety cats feel.
For dogs we have the complete line Adaptil wipes, collars, diffusors and sprays to help reduce any fears and anxieties that might come with a visit to the vets’ office.


Leave your cats carrier out for them to explore and familiarize themselves with it. Place yummy snacks inside regularly to pique their interest and also feed an occasional meal inside the carrier. Cats never go any where fun in the carrier so if we can make it less scary and more familiar, they will be more
comfortable. We can help you select the most cat friendly carrier type too!


Talk to us about your pet and their fears. For fearful pets we can prescribe anti-anxiety medications or sedation for you to give at home before coming in for your appointment. Imagine unstressful nailtrims!

Talk to us about your pet’s behaviors. We have many ideas, suggestions and tips to help make Cape Horn Pet Clinic a positive place for pets and owners alike.