January 2017 News

January 2017
News and Information


Each month we will be sending out an email detailing important information. Included will be the clinic’s schedule for the month as well as our special pricing days, Wellness Wednesday, and $6 Sunday. We will also detail exciting monthly promotions, contests, coupons, as well as hot topics related to pets.

C-C-C-Cold Weather Tips

Now that winter has come, and all the weather changes that go with it, take steps to ensure your pets’ health during cold weather. Click the link below for tips.


February is Pet Dental Health Month

February is National Pet Dental Health Month. Cape Horn Pet Clinic will be offering a $20 discount on all dental procedures scheduled in the month of February. New year, new mouth for your fine furry friend. For more information click the links below or call the office to get your pet started on the path to better oral care.

Your Dogs Mouth and Teeth

Your Cats Mouth and Teeth

New Year’s Eve Fireworks

For many dogs, firework celebrations are a frightening and stressful event that they can’t escape from.  However, there are several things you can do to help your dog and lessen the stress that fireworks can cause.



January Schedule

  • January 15th- $6 Sunday 8-11am walk-ins
  • January 18th- Wellness Wednesday 8-11am walk-ins
  • Sunday, January 29- Dr. Walker is out of the office for continuing education
  • February 4th and 5th- Dr. Walker is out of the office