April 2017 News

April 2017
News and Information


Each month we will be sending out an email detailing important information. Included will be the clinic’s schedule for the month as well as our special pricing days, Wellness Wednesday, and $6 Sunday. We will also detail exciting monthly promotions, contests, coupons, as well as hot topics related to pets.

Kitten Socialization

Does your cat bolt the second it sees the cat carrier? Does he or she run and hide when guests come over? Cat owners often consider fear-related reactions associated with visitors, veterinary visits, husbandry care and vehicular travel to be “normal” behaviors, but they don’t have to be.

Click the link below to understand the importance of socialization and how to do it right.


Easter Toxins

While enjoying this flower and candy filled holiday with friends and family, remember to keep Spot and Tigger safe this Easter season.

Click the link below to learn a few Easter Toxins you may not have know about.


Top 5 Easter Toxins For Your Pet

Present This Coupon and Save $$$

Not valid on $6 Sunday

Clinic Schedule

  • April 1st- Dr. Walker is out of the office (Not an April Fools joke 🙂
  • April 8th and 9th- Dr. Walker is out of the office
  • April 16th- CLOSED for Easter
  • April 19th- Wellness Wednesday- Get your pet up to date for licensing time
  • April 23rd- $6 Sunday (pushed back a week due to Easter Sunday)
  • May 7th- $6 Sunday (pushed up due to Mothers Day)

Because there are a few Sunday holidays coming up in the next few months, $6 Sunday may not be on the third Sunday of the month. $6 Sunday will be as follows:

  • April 23rd
  • May 7th
  • June 25th
  • July 16th
  • August 20th