April 2016 News

April 2016
News and Information


Each month we will be sending out an email detailing important information. Included will be the clinic’s schedule for the month as well as our special pricing days, Wellness Wednesday and $6 Sunday. We will also detail any exciting promotions or contests we are featuring that month as well as coupons and hot topics relating to pets.

$5 Off Heartworm Test

To honor Heartworm Awareness Month we are offering a $5 off coupon towards your dog’s heartworm test in the month of April.
Offer Expires 4/30/2016. Coupon Code:$5OFFCOUPON

Fight that Winter Weight

How do I know if my pet’s weight is healthy?

Concerned that winter was a little harsh on your pet’s waistline? A healthy weight isn’t simply a number on a scale; it’s about healthy body composition. Click the link below to read about your pets healthy weight. Be sure to talk to us about ways to keep the muscle and lose the fat simply by feeding your pet.

Your Pets Healthy Weight


Puppy and Kitten season has arrived!!

The socialization period in companion animals is the time when they are most open to learning about their environment, their littermates ,mother and other animals of their species, humans and other species.  Providing diverse, positive experiences can prevent the development of fearful responses and subsequent behavioral problems.

Read here to learn the importance of socialization and what you can do to help your pet become well adjusted.

Socialization of Puppies & Kittens

For help with obedience, jumping and pulling or good old socialization classes, talk to Gail at Paws-a-tive Training!

Paws-a-tive Training

Clinic Schedule for April 2016

  • April 9 and 10- Dr. Walker will be out of the office. Clinic will be open to purchase food and preventatives.
  • April 20th- Wellness Wednesday! Walk-ins 8-11 am.
  • April 17th- $6 Sunday! Walk-ins 8-11 Mud Madness coupon does not apply this day.